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QuarkXPress Tutorials, Training and Demos

Whether you’re looking for a quick video tutorial, live or recorded training seminars, or resources from partners and the QuarkXPress user community, start here to learn more about using QuarkXPress.

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QuarkXPress 2019 with Advantage

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QuarkXPress 2019 with Advantage

QuarkXPress 2019 "Loaded" cursor

QuarkXPress 2019 Flex layouts

QuarkXPress 2019 Tables Reimagined

QuarkXPress 2019 Spring Loaded Cursor

QuarkXPress 2019 - 9 Point Reference grid

QuarkXPress 2019 Export as Image Enhancements

QuarkXPress 2019 PDF Accessibility Support

QuarkXPress 2019 Pathfinder Tools

QuarkXPress 2019 - Intro to Flex Layouts

QuarkXPress 2019 Auto Growing Text Boxes

QuarkXPress 2019 Format Painter

QuarkXPress 2019 Bulk Indesign File Converter

QuarkXPress 2019 - How to import elements & pages from InDesign into QuarkXPress (and make editable)

QuarkXPress 2018 See the major features in detail (39 minutes)

What's new in QuarkXPress 2018 5 min overview

Adobe InDesign IDML Import (beta) in QuarkXPress 2017

QX2018 Sample JavaScript Mail Merge

QX2018 Sample JavaScript GREP Search and Replace

Single or double space after a period? (at beginning of a sentence)

QX2018 HTML5 Publications

QX2018 Creating ebooks (part 1 of 2)

QX2018 Creating ebooks (part 2 of 2)

How to delete preferences (MacOS)

How to delete preferences (Windows)

QX2018 Sub Menus for Fonts on MacOS

QX2018 Hyphenation Strictness Levels

Automatic fit and fill in QuarkXPress 2018

QuarkXPress 2018 Dark Theme Setup

QuarkXPress 2018 Full Indic Support

Sneak Preview: 9-point Reference Grid in QXP 2019

How to import elements & pages from InDesign into QuarkXPress (and make editable)

What's New in QuarkXPress 2017

The 8 Minute Challenge

Excel Charts

Preparing Pictures for Print

Fonts and Kerning

Setting the preferences (part 1/2)

Setting the preferences (part 2/2)

Creating a calendar with tables and table styles

Open Type Features 1

Mark up and proofing

Working with a visual identity

Job Jackets Explained

Dropped Shadows

Super Step and Repeat

Image Grid

Colour Workflow

Gradient Tricks

Style Sheets


Line Drawing and editing

Runaround and clipping

Text boxes in depth

Master Pages

Job Jacket Rules

Colour explained

Grid systems in layout

New features in QuarkXPress 2017

Text stroking and framing

Transparency blend modes

New Tools in QuarkXPress 2017


Publishing a novel for print on demand

Creating an ePub or Kindle

Conditional Styles


Content Variables

Composition Zones

Digital Layout and HTML5

Anchoring in text

Using a PDF as a template

Lists (Table of Content and more!)

Adaptive scaling (Print to Print, Print to Digital)

Importing from Word

Image Logic (Reflection Effect and more!)

Finding and Changing Power Tricks

TOP TEN Productivity Tips

Combining documents with Books


Bullets and outlining

XPress Tags

PDF Export

25 Principles of Composition

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QuarkXPress 2019 with Advantage